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NLP therapy for survivor

Recently I hold a NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – therapy for a rape crisis survivor.

She was raped 30 years ago with her friend by around 10 guys.
She and her was hunted by 2 guys and drink alcohol with them. The guy had strategy to intoxicate ladies and force them to go to house in rich area where other guy were waiting.
She has less memory but just have been keeping her sadness and fear with trauma.
She and her friend try to go back to notice the place but they had big scare of ASD, so they was not able to look for the place where is the one of the guy’s gorgeous house.

She opened her heart for me talk about it because I talked her now I am supporting victim of rape – which became trigger for her.
It means the best timing for her, because she has suffered with her son.
The first relation with her was a counselor for her son.

Anyway when she talked her experience for me even though she and her friend had decided that they would never talk about it to anyone until they would die.
For the first I mentioned such a time – means 30 years ago, it was better not to report it to police because the police, doctors, prosecutor, judge were so terrible against survivors. They must have caused second rape on ladies.
And I appreciate her to share her sad experience but at the time I solved the problem on son at once.

I started to support her son through counseling and leaning abroad, but I have been wondering why both of them has such less self confidence and selfesteem. I could not find any elements of her history and son’s history, but at the time I found what it was.
Her trauma has controlled her life and her communication long time with negative way which worked as mind control on her son.

She mentioned that she lost her confidence, selfesteem, feeling of enjoying people, skill to understanding others, showing her opinion after the tragedy.
Then she was surprised to find that all  elements were problems of her son which she has worried.
She has suffering why her son does not have confidence, courage, skill to communicate with others, to show his opinion. But everything came from her trauma unselfconsciously.

Through therapy she got her feeling which she originally had have and became to able to see how the trauma has influenced  negative on her family communication.

Also I provided inner child work for her. Because good relationship with parents helps survivor’s recovery a lot.
Most of survivors who cannot get recovery well has tendency to have negative relationship with their parents.

And more she has illness on her uterus and ovaries – really the place femininity itself.
I hold a Ray’s work for this. Not my name but means light ray from universe.
She got rid of her dark and negative energy and found her favorite color of light around her focus.
She apoloziged to uterus and ovaries about not treating well them long time but took on oath to love them and live together with her positive life.

Long time she has been not able to get into elevator if only her when she found 2 more guys in there.
Long time she has been not able to walk around by herself in night time.
Long time she has checked persons when she felt 2 more guys behind her.

When she came to my therapy room for the second therapy, she found she can get into elevator where 3 guys are there by her self .

Not only such a short time things, but also her all life started to change.
Her husband was surprised to notice how she has changed her attitude to positive way.

She graduated her trauma school and now started to make her brilliant life.
Her trauma school is meaningful because now she could help other survivors and mothers who suffer about their children through show her life.

Again I also found how NLP therapy works well and enjoyed to combine some other skill for counseling.

Of course I got help from Ashtar, St.Germain and other Ascended masters and Archangels.
She accept a little spritual things – enjoying to talk her “past life” which she find same scene in her dream many times in her childhood.
Also I appreciate Phoolan Devi.










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