Perpetrator need sacrifice

Perpetrator needs sacrifice, because he※ cannot admit sacrifice(and anyone) become happy.
Simply he continue to do what he has received from his perpetrator – it’s usual culture for his life.  He did not know peace because no one gave him peace and if someone did, he cannot receive properly. He has so less confidence that he can be valuable person to receive peace and love.
Sacrifice for him is same level as his former situation.
Sacrifice can become happy but he cannot accept it, wants to destroy it’s potential because P was not able to be happy.
Sacrifice show a little bit unhappy or less confidence. Once Perpetrator find such a sacrifice, he has get to want to attack the sacrifice to prove that the  sacrifice cannot be happy as well as him.
It’s famous statistic of sexual perpetrator’s tendency that he chose sacrifice who looks one who has less confidence, or less selfesteem, not be active, showy or sexy. It says that sexual  perpetrator will attack sacrifice not by sexual desire – but domination greed.

Sometimes sacrifice must be a substitute of his mother who did not take care him well or assaulted him.
Perpetrator would attack sacrifice with his anger which he has pooled during his life.
Perpetrator is one who has not been healed since his impairment.

As some psychiatrist, some  perpetrator has damage in brain and it must work badly. Such a case is in professional area.
But we have to think many perpetrator has experiences of assault.
If someone would have find him, help him from such a terrible environment,heal him, put him in a wonderful human relationship, he must not be a perpetrator.

If perpetrator would be punished strictly, it must not work efficiently for him.
Because healing must stop his unhappiness and change his heart.

I never say all survivors have to understand it.
Their issue is prior how to heal them and find happiness again.

So someone has to take care perpetrator in order not to let him overlaid crime.
I know some rape crisis center is giving activities for perpetrators in prisons to show how they have to handle their subject of life through survivor’s point of view.

Ray with Phoolan

※he⇒he/she, him ⇒him/her

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