Victim and Prepetrator  —   It’s my eternal theme of life.

You know about discrimination. There are many kinds of discrimination all over the world.
I have learned specific discrimination issue in Japan which focusing on Buraku people – who are Japanese but has been discriminated by Japanese because of their birthplace, occupation and ancestor.
There had been a big movement from the beginning of 1900’s – Buraku liberation movement and they have gotten many things through policy action. (But now their movement has been getting down – I think the movement ideal and method itself  must have problem.)

I really don’t like discrimination so I have joined these movement since I became an university student.
Big problem was my father ant my mother who discriminate them.
So I have learned both side – people who discriminate and people who are discriminated.
It must be same as Victim and Prepetrator.

I was not able to agree with the way of movement that they just criticize and blame people who discriminate.
My belief  was if you want to change mind of  discriminatory people, you have to understand their mind why they discriminate people.

My father has his dry heart from his history who cannot get into the big company which would be supposed to satisfy him with it’s status fitting his educational background – graduated from one of the big 7 universities. He had kept complex against people who has same educational background and high social position – layer, doctor, good position in big company.
He did effort to go to the university refusing his father’s recommendation to go to vocational school. But at the same time he had kept sense of superiority.
His sense of superiority broken his selfesteem and made him feel inferiority against his friends form university- this is on the same value of measurement of his sense of superiority.
Because of refusing his father’s recommendation, he was not able to get good attention from his father.
He was so sad, felt lonely and showed his past life of his student time when he was so clever and excellence.
He wanted to be recognized as a big person but he could not, so he needed peoples who was more inferior than him to prove his superior position.
This is the flame of my father’s discrimination.
So if you wanted him to share no discrimination idea with him, you had to share better idea as below with him.
1. He was a wonderful person without any high position, high educational background.
2. He had to recognize that he had lost his selfesteem with such a sense of superiority. If he could get it away from him, he might not get complex from any person and not need superior feeling against people.

I was not able to share this idea with him because I was so young to learn these idea so just blamed him on his discrimination. He died 51 years old when I was 17. He asked me “what has been my life? ” — asked to such a young girl before he died.

Discriminator needs people who show inferior element.
But if you don’t show any inferior element, and not share with discriminator’s value and a way of thinking, you can just ignore their discrimination.
But sometimes discriminators show violence against people like as hate crime, you have to show resolute attitude.
To avoid discriminators violence to occur, you have to melt their ice of heart , not blame them.

Victim who was discriminated can be Survivor who show their strength – how they survive from such a trouble situation. It means that Survivor is teacher  for Discriminator and Prepetrator.

Discriminator and Prepetrator naturally need to learn how to survive from their situation and change their way of thinking especially on themselves.  —-  You have to love you first before blaming, hating, criticizing……
Survivor learned this from their experiences and show model as human being.

Ray – with Phoolan























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